12. Tsk.

*The following story is true. However, it has been doctored for special effect. The writer doesn’t use any illegal drugs, nor drugs not prescribed by the doctor.*

Crazy Story. Believe it or not. If you know about this, don’t confirm any of it in my comments section. This happened back in the day, when I was a bit crazier than I am now. * life has definitely tamed me* If anyone asks me about this, I will deny it. I will deny it like Charles Taylor’s lawyer at the ICC.
Earlier that night, mimi huyo nikapitia base na beste yangu flani, tukapiga mbili tatu vipolite, masaa yake. The night was very young and looked like it could go some type of way. It’s a Wednesday, so there is a game going on, The Champions League, Internazionale vs FC Barcelona, sitawahi sahau. Sisi hao tunapeleka jug yetu polepole, Messi akipeleka Handanovic shopping polepole pia. The game is almost over, our keg is almost kalassing and so is our money, another friend of mine walks in, anatuona, inabidi afulize alafu anaagiza jug ingine fresh and we keep at it like the Kardashians, shenanigans and all, staring at babes from a distance, the night inakaa kushika na pia zinashika, Dj hapo base anaguza kareggae ya Shaggy na Neyo, Wasee wa jaba wako zao pia polepole na njugu na sprite wanakaa professor Hamo bila kisomo but life is good and that is all that mattered at that point. I look at my watch, giza imeshikana, na nikishika mfuko nadhani niko na dooh, kumbe ni jaba… We decide to go sleep since our pockets were asleep… We takeoff on the last rocket, ndogogio mbaya. Tukaamua tupitie msee wetu wa mali kama kawaida ju sisi ni gang kukiwasha, morio akatujenga mbichwa kadhaa enough to make two puff sticks.

So we get to the house, Ozark Sn 2 is on and we light up, zinatushow. A few moments later, my friend decides to take a nap. 20 minutes in, I am sure I heard a gunshot. Not sure if it was the Ozark show or the outdoors, I’m probably tripping because this show also has some fireworks. Nalenga. So I keep watching. About 20 minutes later, I hear a knock at the door. Being a crazy neighborhood, I decide to peep through the window before I open up, lucky me. I think the whole police force was outside my door. As I said. Believe it or not. Before I can act, “Kijana, usisonge nimekuona! Fungua hapa!” Damn. I just smoked a joint in here, you people want a session or something? Obviously singewauliza. So I open the door under strict instructions not to even twitch. Kibao na si vodka. Ya kwanza. Ya pili. Ya tatu. These policemen must come from Mr Bones’ Kuvukiland with the way they greeted me with slaps… Maswali yanakuja na makofi ni magumu kushinda dondoo ya Ken Walibora… Kijana unaitwa nani? Kwenu ni wapi? Wewe ni wa Arsenal? Dame yako anaitwa nani? Each question with a slap of its own, very hard questions remembering I was very not sober at the moment. So I try to move backwards and to shield myself from all the slaps, never forget that a policeman is trained for years, has a perfect set of teeth and can f*ck you up at hand to hand combat, wait… Is it even combat or a beating?

My friend is blacked out, but you know he’s about to come back to the land of the living because some popos run to him and kick him tf in his guts, he gets up, adrenaline and all ready to strike, only to have a guy kick him in the stomach, again, then one two three slaps. Kama kawaida. Everyone in the room has either a gun, a baton or handcuffs, the drugs just get out of my system in time to answer a few questions before my body is destroyed na hawa wajamaa. After some serious interrogation and beating, mbona huku kunanuka bangi? *paaaa! , iko wapi? *paaa! Tumemaliza yote mkubwa. Kijana, kwani wewe ni Al Shabaab, hii kitabu ni ya nini? *points at my Quran* They proceed to search the room and find a roach we had left, as they explain why they are here, not directly of course. My friend happens to be half Luo half Zulu, yes, Zulu like Shakka from South Africa, and he gets the most of the beating. Just because he’s not Kenyan. The guy was born in Kenya, has a Kenyan ID, went to Kenyan schools, is dating a Kenyan girl, even knows the price of Unga. By this point, my body has tapped out, tired, in pain, and still getting beatings from different officers. Mtu akiingia kwa room, paaaa! Some officer hits me on the knee with a rungu, and we all know how that is, uchungu mpaka kwa spinal cord, I still have a slight limp to show it, I can’t run normally and my dream was to be like Kipchoge Keino… They proceed to search the whole place as if they were looking for explosives… They should have searched for Arror and Kimwarer and NYS funds like that, but anyway…

Saa tano inafika bado sisi ni search tu. Maneighbors wameshangaa, no one is asleep, the whole apartment kila mtu ako awake, naskia mmoja akisema “Hawa vijana wa M8 wako na tabia mbaya, pereka hao ndani afande,” says the mama that did not have cooking oil nikampea, juzi tu! So they take us, cuff us, – at least I can say I was cuffed😒 – tunaenda kulala ndani on a Wednesday night! So we are thrown ndani ya Mariamu and all I can say is thank God because this beating I was getting was getting serious. I text another friend of mine, inform them and proceed to switch off my phone. Tumejazwa hapo nyuma, hata wangeeka kareggae ziendelee kushika. I am pretty sure the ofissas were not sober themselves, the rover reeked of Chang’aa. Tunaenda tu rounds kwanza kushika watu wengine, hadi inajaa kushinda gari za Embassava, alafu tunapelekwa stenje kujibu mashtaka…huko kwa station tena, vita, this time, boots tu, kama umepokea hizo boots za karao unaeza peana ushuhuda kanisani, si kazi rahisi, unachukua pounding ukinyongwa kama monkey. Ushawahi ingizwa kwa cell,alafu mtolewe huko ndani, muoshe hio cell alafu mrudi huko ndani? I had only seen that in Ozark in the previous episode…huko pia ni kachamber flani na mmejazwa hapo kama matchsticks kwa kibiriti ya kifaru yenye niliwasha nayo hio ndom… Lakini ni sawa. 12 hours later, I am allowed my first phone call, at a fee of course. To be released, each of us has to give ten thousand Kshs. That’s 20k, for smoking two joints worth 100kshs. Utumishi kwa wote, either tutumikie mfuko ama tutumikie kifungo. So we part with our cash, mchango hapa mchango pale, and I can’t stop thinking, Maan, 20k sahii tungekua na shamba ya mali…They threatened us with more jail time, ingefika Friday usiku kama hatujalipa, tungelala ndani hadi Monday. Na Monday asubuhi, tungeenda Korti bila Koti…By Friday, around 6pm, we get released and other friends pick us from the station.

Basically, my encounter with the Kenya Police was an awful experience, it has left me traumatized and with a limp on my left leg. I don’t even regret that I have been in jail. I am just happy I’m not in their hands anymore. Police brutality has been a thing in this nation;the police has been a pack of hungry dogs peeling Kenyans, hard working Kenyans, off of their hard earned cash, whether right or wrong.
You can never trust a hyena to guard the sheep.
IPOA is asleep. Police get away with everything and I am left asking myself, why? Aren’t the police as human as we are? Is this something that I should get used to? Will my child one day meet the police and feel safe? What happened to the roach I was smoking in the house? Is it still there? What is my name? My brain is still in shock…
Msitense watu wangu. This was a while ago. Sahii, mi hutembea na bakora…

Mumba Chome.


Blessed is he who expects nothing, for he shall never be disappointed‘ ~Alexander Pope.
Expectations are a very complex phenomenon. They are a prediction into the future; that we hope will work as we need them to, forgetting that no one is capable of writing the future. We are the most creative creatures on this earth. Whenever we set out to do things, at the back of our minds, we always look forward to things going the way we want them to go. If you live under the notion that you control or even can predict what the future holds, you are in for a big shock.
By 26,nitakua na job, steady income, masters, nitaoa dame mrembo na nitakua na watoto wawili…” and when none of it works out like you had planned, you lose it, fall into a bout of depression, lose your self-esteem, suffer from OCD, PTSD, Encephalopathy, Ischemia and other hard-to-mention words for mental defeat. The problem is that, instead of expecting good things, we expect exact outcomes. Instead of expecting a good job, we expect a job with a six-figure salary, instead of expecting good grades, we expect 💯 or an A, instead of a good boyfriend, we anticipate for a 6 ft tall dude. Having high expectations on ourselves isn’t so bad, because whatever we expect from ourselves we have the ability to control. Expecting something from someone else is entirely different because they have their own way of doing things.

Everyone wants to win big. If you shoot for something out of the ordinary, you’ll find that very few people do the same. Everything is easier to achieve once the competition is down. Having high expectations always allows you to be bigger. People with high expectations are often hard working, always looking to have their expectations fulfilled. How can you get the best out of life and not strive for more? How can you expect to have it all if you are not willing to put in effort? To have high expectations means working extra hard and investing more than others are willing to, in order to have your expectations met. Go big or go home, Get rich or die trying, all words thrown around where high expectations exist. Expecting good things in life is a sign of self worth.
On the other hand, high expectations mean that you have to use more of your resources to achieve your goal. Humans have a tendency to pin their hopes for happiness on fulfilled expectations. Having high expectations only sets you up for disappointment. When things don’t work out as you expected, you get frustrated, end up depressed and eventually start to have lowered expectations, suffer from anxiety and self-criticism because things didn’t work the first time. People with high expectations often live their life with a never ending dissatisfaction, little things not working out stresses them out, obsessing over details, having thorough checklists of perfection and eventually end up getting disappointed when they don’t get what they think they want. What we want, and what we think we want are two different things, one is real and the other is real messy.

Having low expectations means that we are thoroughly satisfied by small wins that we don’t need to grow bigger. It implies that we are pessimistic in a way, that we only root for bad things to happen, or for things to be average and not better. Having low expectations doesn’t mean that you don’t want something to work, it simply means that you are not focused excessively on the outcome. It allows you to live your life completely without fear of failure. Also, there is power in small wins. They give you the confidence to have bigger dreams, if small dreams can come true, why not big dreams? Lowering expectations makes it likely that you will surpass the said expectations, hence it has a positive boost on your happiness. Low expectations, low disappointments.

Unspoken expectations are based on an implicit social contract. People construct expectations in their head about give-and-take in how they relate to each other. Without actually verbalizing our expectations, we should know that the chances that our expectations will fail are high. You can’t have a deal without having the specifics of the deal. It is hard for people to live up to your own expectations if they don’t know what they are, and you might feel that the social contract is being violated. People also have their own expectations. Before you have expectations on how people should be, you should know that they have expectations of how THEY should be.

We want to achieve something and not waste time on the impossible. Sometimes, we go overboard when it comes to having expectations. Expect something that can come to be. Unless you have a magical fairy like Timmy Turner, some things can never happen and are therefore not advisable to expect. Always consider condition. It is realistic to expect that your expectations might or might not come to be. It is unrealistic to think that merely communicating your expectations will make people conform to what you want. Your expectations will never be similar to anyone else’s. For instance, you can’t get into a relationship with someone, have your expectations and hope they follow. We don’t have the same goals. Hence our expectations will vary. Some may be in a relationship for love. Some for companionship. Others for fun. You need to learn what others expect from you before you expect something from them. Expect with a plan.
Also, be ready for when things don’t go as expected.

Mumba Chome.


It is evident that Gen Y is very sad. We’re a messed up generation, that has normalized sadness, bitterness, emotional distress, toxicity, disloyalty, addiction and other unspeakable habits in order to cope with a lot of things that have happened in our lives. A very big generational gap exists between ours and the previous generation. The society has upgraded since, becoming more liberal and less orthodox, which is strange to most people of the previous generation. Any period of change brings with it chaos; people are caught in between adjustments and some end up paying the price. The price for the change in the structure of the society has been hefty for generation Y, that happened right in the middle of the transition from an uptight society to a free and opinionated and a mentally aware society. The difference between our thinking, our opinions and the display of these opinions, our issues and coping mechanisms for these issues is vast. Knowingly and unknowingly, our guardians influenced, still are influencing and will forever influence who we will be, who we can be, how we behave and how we relate to each other. “He’s just like his father.” “She’s her mom all over again.” The acorn never falls far from the tree.

Much of our adult lives are spent trying to fix the relationships we form over the years with our parental figures. Experiences from the past, that were never repaired directly with our parents will stick to us and continue to play out in our adult lives. For a mentally aware generation, we were raised by people who mostly did not understand or believe in anything related to mental damage. The stigma attached to mental health issues also caused a lot of Gen Y mates to keep so much bottled up till it became too late to fix some of the things that they went through. Most of generation Y grew up in households where lifestyles were forcefully instilled into them; where they couldn’t be who they really needed to be, or say what they had to say, which caused most to be repulsive and sad. A child wasn’t to speak unless spoken to and whichever path your parent wanted you to take, you took without question. A parental directive was final and was attached to consequences once not followed.

Gen Y was subjected to a lot of ill factors. Physical abuse. ‘Si wewe napiga, ni hio shetani iko ndani yako‘ . Some parents never knew the line between instilling discipline and hurting their children and Gen Y has the physical scars to show it. Sexual abuse has forever scarred a lot of Gen Y because, as a kid, you can never understand why someone entrusted to protect you from the world would do such to you. Emotional and mental abuse also is rampant is Gen Y. Our parents didn’t have the all-perfect marriages, and they never had the luxury to walk away from each other when things fell apart. Things falling apart in the house would mean, parents on each other’s necks, thinking that the children aren’t watching: but kids know everything and kids are always watching. Parents were also rarely there. Most of Gen Y can say that they don’t really have a good connection with their parents because as children, they got used to their parents not being around. House maids raised Gen Y and most of them were not qualified to handle our likes. Others have suffered neglect, trolling from the family, not forgetting the ones that lost their parents at a young age. Kids that grew up differently abled were shunned and considered not as capable as other kids. Kids that grew up oriented differently, especially on matters of sexuality had it rough. For the part of Gen Y that was brought up by single parents, a lot is still missing.

Gen Y thus grew up broken. With childhoods as messed up as the Kenyan economy, some people still have dreams about the past, we cannot avoid the past if it still has an effect on how the future will be. The generational gap between Gen Y and parents of Gen Y is a rift that will forever remain instilled within Gen Y, who have had to live with all these things stuck at the back of their minds at such a tender age. As we grow up, we tend to make choices and act according to things we have observed before. A pattern comes up, have you ever found yourself doing something exactly as your parents did? We always try to repair ourselves or fix our lives to either match our guardians’ or to be the opposite to their behavior in the past.

We therefore find ourselves in unresolved developmental trauma, complex PTSD, OCD, Perfectionism and a bunch of other forms of mental states of suffering. Here is a a few ways which our early childhood guardians’ behavior left us following in their steps.
1. Attraction to destruction / destructive relationships.
” I always date people that are bad for me.” People with traumatic childhoods tend to find people who fit their traumatic identity and try to fix them,even when they’re trying to make better choices. This eventually leads to re-traumatization.
2. Avoiding relationships all together.
Healthy relationships with other people are essential for personal development. People with trauma involving intimacy from childhood, mostly with parents, tend to avoid relationships with the fear of occurrence of similar situations.
3. Missing a part of yourself.
“I always feel like a part of me is missing but I can’t tell what it is.”
Development stress from childhood can make children shut down important parts of themselves in order to survive. If the missing parts are associated with a bad childhood memory, it is possible that they could be hidden or lost to avoid any reconnections with such memories.
4.Avoiding a connection with oneself.
Childhood trauma makes people avoid connecting with themselves as they are afraid to reconnect with past experiences. Self care is impaired, as people learn to live apart from themselves as a habit. Escapes from self reflection seem better than having to face the past.
The list is endless. Being numb to emotions. Negative feelings about yourself. Feelings of inadequacy. Wanting to be perfect. Wanting to be better than our guardians and their ill habits.

Childhood traumatic experiences inflicted consciously or unconsciously by our guardians seem to carry a lot of weight in our lives today. We’re a bunch of psychologically damaged, hateful people with daddy and mommy issues, trust issues, dissatisfaction, bad tempers, bad habits, poor communication skills, defective emotions and dysfunctional lives. We’re alive. But we’re not living. We’re OK. But not happy. We need to find closure and healing or else, we will transmit this disease to the next generation, and soon, the whole world will be broken. Whatever we went through, recovery and grieving will help us let go. Let’s swear to be better parents, understanding parents. The next generation will be ten times as opinionated as we are and we need to be ready before we smother our children and traumatize them.

Let’s play our part and have healthy children.

*I wrote this with inspiration from childhood stories by my friends, bless all of them. I pray that we all find healing from all the things that are eating us up from the inside. *


Leo si lazima title.

What’s good fam, tout est bien? I feel different today. I’m moving different. Want to know why? Until recently, I have never been nominated for anything in my life. Everything changed yesterday, when I was nominated for the Liebster Award by Margaret Kangethe who will forever be Ms Rusty Fingers to me. She definitely knows what to do with a pen, a piece of paper, the internet and some serious thought process, heko! Kazi yake ni safi, I am intrigued by the way she thinks. Definitely a part of the Third Liberation, this one. Check out her awe, https://rustyfingers33.home.blog/ and tell me what you think about it. Spoiler alert, you’ll get hooked. Currently a fan myself. Pure inspiration.
The Liebster Award is a platform for bloggers to reward each other for a job well done, I’m excited that someone thought me worthy of such, bless you, Ms Rusty. The reading culture of the society is being dealt blow after blow. In a few years, books will be extinct and all the information in the world will be stored on the cloud. I pray that when this day reaches, the world’s reading culture will have improved. Writers have so much wisdom to pass. The pen is a mighty tool.
Here are the rules to play by, once nominated for the Liebster Award:

1.Thank the Blogger that nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
2.Answer the questions given to you.
3.Share 11 facts about yourself.
4. Nominate 5-11 bloggers
5.Ask your nominees 11 questions
6. Notify them once you have uploaded your post.


1. IF YOU HAD THE WORLD’S ATTENTION FOR 30 SECONDS, WHAT WOULD YOU SAY? I wouldn’t say a word. I would just not say a single word. I would probably just stare at everyone if I was on a stage. Because there’s a lot to be said to the world and thirty seconds just won’t cut it.

2. DO YOU LIKE YOUR NAME? WOULD YOU EVER CHANGE IT? IF YES, WHAT WOULD YOUR NAME BE? I was born Haggai Chome Mumba. I love my name. It’s is sophisticated, unique and totally moanable. I was named after my grandfather. My name is priceless. If anyone reading this wants to name their kids after me, I don’t mind. Bless them kids bruh!

3. WHAT DO YOU REGRET THE MOST? I should have definitely minored in foreign languages. I feel bad that with all the languages in the world, I can fully converse in three, just three! I regret that I can’t slide into a Rwandan penting’s DM in French like: “Je ne sais quoi” or whatever the French say to mean,” you’re my other half” or “I want to put you in 7 different positions for 70 minutes” , or something like that. What I mean is that, opportunities are out there, and I can’t grab them and that sucks!

4. WHEN YOU ARE WORRIED / SCARED, WHAT DO YOU DO OR THINK ABOUT TO HELP YOU FEEL BETTER? I get worried. A lot. Scared? Barely. But. Whenever these things happen, I take long walks, long puffs and long naps. Three things that have never failed to work. Whoever lied that you can’t escape worry probably hasn’t heard Bobby McFerrin singing, “Don’t worry, be happy!” Music also comes in handy in all kinds of situations. Thank God for good music.

5. WHAT’S YOUR PET PEEVE? I dislike bad smells. Probably because my nose is so big.

6. WHAT ITEM IS NUMERO UNO IN YOUR BUCKETLIST? Hmm. I want a brand new whip. A brand new house. I want a foreign lil B, She put it all in her mouth. I want it so imma go get it ~2 Chainz. What I want is to bless my mother and my father. Those two have done a lot for me and I want to make them smile, now that we are all still here. Life is short. And full of surprises. I still can’t believe I quoted 2 Chainz.

7. WHICH PART OF YOUR BODY DO YOU LIKE THE MOST? YOU CAN TELL US WHY IF YOU WANT TO. I love my eyes. My mother works in a school for visually impaired people and I learnt to appreciate the importance of the eyes. You can’t feel nature’s beauty one hundred percent without your eyes.

8. WHAT ARE YOUR FIVE FAVORITE SONGS RIGHT NOW? ‘Sweet love~Wizkid’ . ‘Free~Nyashinski’ . ‘Billionaire~Teni’. ‘Mmmh~Willy Paul & Rayvanny’. ‘Dodo~Arrowbwoy’ . I see these tracks in every playlist I have, including my Sad N*gga hours playlist. ‘I like it’ by Sho Madjozi and Darassa is also worth mentioning. Nisisahau malocal za zamani, Nameless’ ‘Nasinzia Nikikuwaza’ is my all time favorite song.

9. IF YOU HAD TO WORK BUT DIDN’T NEED THE MONEY, WHAT WOULD YOU CHOOSE TO DO? Eliud Kipchoge is worth about £2.3 million, currently. I wouldn’t think twice about hitting the tracks. But I will always have to work because I need the money…

10. WHAT DID YOU LEARN A LITTLE TOO LATE? Never look at something happening to someone and think, “that could never be me!” Once you finish saying those words, that is definitely going to be you. Never judge anyone for anything they’ve done in this world. I wish I had learnt earlier. Experience is certainly a great teacher of things.

11. DO YOU WISH YOUR SKIN WAS LIGHTER OR DARKER? I would not wish for a change of skin. Mine fits me perfectly. Color doesn’t even matter. Other guys try to make me hate my color by calling me, a ‘light-skinned dude’. I bet their girlfriends would beg to differ. I wouldn’t change a thing about my skin.

11 THINGS ABOUT MYSELF :I am left handed. I have watched each and every Harry Potter movie ever made. Lord of the rings as well. I am superstitious. I am well-mannered and very friendly. I can sing the national anthem, three stanzas, in both English and Swahili. Probably in French, one day. I don’t have any allergies. My celebrity crush happens to be Miss Rwanda, one Nishimwe Naomi MacKenzie, I would risk it all. I can rap every verse on “F*ckin Problems. I would do great as a partner for Karaoke. Bongo Music makes me relax. Football is life. I am a fan of the Gunners AKA Arsenal. My favorite ever Arsenal Player is one Santi Carzola. I took up Yoga about a month ago and it’s going great. Everyone can bend like the road at Salgaa if they wanted.

How I would describe myself in one word; Dynamic.

That wasn’t so bad! At this moment, I would like to nominate:

1. PHIONA NYAMBURA of https://nyamburamwangi9.wixsite.com/lessonsforyour20s/

2. JOY WANJIRU, mtu wangu wa madays, of https://blvckhvrt.blogspot.com/2020/05/sour-stumble-blocks.html?m=1

3. NONI KURIA, of https://nonikush.wordpress.com/2020/05/08/heal-yourself-anxiety-and-how-to-cope/



My Questions.

1. What is your favorite thing to do when no one is watching?

2. You have a terminal illness. With just a day to live. What would you spend your day doing?

3. Favorite show of all time?

4. Favorite comedian?

5. Dad/Mum? Take a pick.

6. What is your take on the Kenyan job market?

7. In another life, what career would you pursue?

8. Something that makes you genuinely happy?

9. Which skills do you have? (For the Third Liberation of course)

10. Arsenal vs Manchester United?

11. Favorite book / Article / Blog?

This was loads of fun! Sadly, it’s about time we all got back to the real world. Thank you for walking this journey, I hope it was worthwhile! Shout out to Ms RUSTYFINGERS33 and remember to learn a foreign language. Let’s change the world, a word at a time. Au revoir. Bon moment.


What’s popping. Today, we will discuss some very important topics that we should all take seriously. For mankind to develop, we have to make a certain number of sacrifices, other factors held constant. We need to turn a blind eye to logic and think like people who have never seen the insides of a classroom. Sometimes, logic is true but not necessary. Life itself, is full of assumptions that are necessary to the development of mankind. Have you ever sat down and thought, with all the knowledge in the world, all the ability to do scientific research, study of the outside world and strange lands, evolution, development in biotech, why is it that, some simple things such as playing music on YouTube in the background isn’t possible? It all started with a light bulb…

Have you ever heard of the light bulb conspiracy? About a century ago, light bulbs could function for long periods without becoming obsolete. After a certain period, economists in the light bulb industry sat down and realized that, all of that was bad for business as people didn’t need to buy more light bulbs. A new batch of light bulbs was thus created to last only about a thousand hours before becoming antiquated. Which is more logical? Creating bulbs that work for a lifetime, or creating bulbs that work for a span of a thousand hours? This idea was taken up by lots of industries, building products to fail after a certain period in order to create more demand for products in the economy. That’s why your ps2 console doesn’t work anymore. And the phone you bought a year ago has problems with it’s charging compartment. And the shoes you bought a year ago have holes at the bottom. I had a sit down with a certain Mr Wanyamah about 9 months ago to talk about how things in plain sight don’t just seem to be things in plain sight anymore. Everything has more than one meaning, two reasons, three possibilities and four implications and without understanding each and every one of them, it is quite easy to misjudge or make false assessments of said things. Think about that for a second.

As human beings, we have learnt to make assets our main goal and try to avoid liabilities. But we don’t seem to think that assets are liabilities in their own way. Say, you own a car. The car takes about a few thousands in gas per week. Every month, it passes through a car wash or car cleaning service about thrice. It also needs to get checked by a professional any time it gets sick, like a baby. All of this, for a car that you acquired with your own money. With time, the car becomes old, new models come out and it eventually becomes obsolete, the engine fails, the market value drops, and that is economics for you.. An asset is not an asset until it:
1. Brings in more than you spent to acquire it.
2. Increases in value.
3. Never becomes obsolete.

The crazy money we pay for assets, to use for a certain period of time until they begin to become a liability is not only insane but also not necessary. It is bad business to buy something only to spend more money to use it.
Liabilities simply means that we are not living within our means. Taking a loan to pay rent, only means that we’ll end up deep in debt with unpaid rent, taking a loan to buy a car means that we will be in a car with no fuel and in debt, at all costs, avoid debts. If something is a liability, avoid it. Learn to live within your means, if you cannot afford something, there is no need to purchase it. If you can’t afford transport money, walk to your destination. That is what living within our means entails. Consumerism, which is increased consumption of products in a nation, forces many people into debt so as to improve our status in the society. From research, every Kenyan is in debt. Whether it is a student loan, a bank loan, okoa jahazi or a fuliza overdraft, a loan is a dangerous play. Whatever the case, loans will put you in a bad place, unless you have a plan to use the loan to generate more money, which turns into a risk. You only make progress once you take risks. But what is the probability of making it through the risk? What are the chances that you will not just blow through the loan and end up in debt?

Saving seems like astrology these days. Some believe in it, some don’t. I once had a savings account, once upon a time, when everything was healthy and the land was fertile. At the moment, my savings account reads 87kshs. Due to unavoidable reasons, savings has become a problem. You can only save money on a steady income, when the income variates, saving money becomes an issue. You can only save what you earn. No matter how small your income is, savings always has its benefits. If you put away about 10kshs daily, from the start of the year, you end up with 3650kshs after week 52. In ten years, that becomes 36500kshs. But how do you save, when you need saving yourself?
I always think, no business fully applies ethics in their operations. As long as customers are paying, whatever the business is, however its done, get that coin. Only God can judge you. But also be within parameters of The Law.
For today:
#1Save. Save. Save.
#2 Avoid debts. Loans.
#3 Avoid liabilities
#4 Avoid assets that turn into liabilities
#5 Whatever way you can use to earn, use it.
#6 Da law is watching.

That’s all for today. Mumba Chome.


I joined a workout program two days ago. The instructor told us to get into a cobra stretch, one of the poses I really dread because my body doesn’t move that way. It hurts and I am always afraid that I might get stuck. So I go for it since momma didn’t raise no quitter, silently begging this dude to tell us to switch positions; he’s blabbing on and on about our connection to the universe, the path to true enlightenment and I’m like holy f*ck dude if you don’t want a body case, because someone here is about to kick the f*cking bucket over herrre… This guy goes on for about twelve minutes, people sweating, cursing, crying… I am dead ass never going back there. Two days later, I am on top doing my stroke, and I realize, damn! This cobra stretch thing really works huh! I’m all up in there beating it up like there’s no tomorrow, my girl cussing and all of that and I’m like yeah, take this d*ck baby I went to a whole class for this sh*t, deep long strokes like I’m getting a prize after this, then all of a sudden I remember, this instructor guy was talking about something real deep and not just my stroke…

A connection to the universe? What this be?Cosmic energy, that runs the universe, runs in the human body. This is the energy between the human brain and the universe, not between, but in. The brain is alive, and the cosmos is connected to it. The Cosmic Law of attraction states that all similar things in nature will naturally gravitate towards one another and magnetize one another into their own field. In short. You attract what you think about, and what you feel strongly about. It is hence true,

Thoughts +Emotions =Attraction

Thots+ Emotions = Well, y’know, f*cked up.

I’m on my second round hitting it from the back and I can’t stop thinking, man, that instructor was on some serious third eye type of sh*t, and it suddenly hits me that I’m not feeling that deep connection between me and this p*ssy so I take a water break, let her play with herself a little, y’know, till Dig Bick is ready to go again, so I decide to go and think about what true enlightenment really means, and well, all I could come up with is that enlightenment refers to full awareness about something. But am I really enlightened about anything really? All I know is stuff here and there and I am not really sure, if all of this was a test, what would be my score? This p*ssy I’ve been hitting, have I really known and unlocked all it’s levels? It’s like playing God of War in PS2 *sobs because these f*ckers killed ps2, RIP*, you can’t really be enlightened without some things. You need to be one with the universe. Learn all or most of it’s aspects and guiding forces and applying them in your daily life, because we are the world and the world is us. So I sit there and wonder, should I read a Buddhist book for some little insight about myself, why, certainly! And I come across good stuff, Nirvana. Cessation. Moksha. Mukti. Never ending enlightenment.

I get back on the bed, ready to go for the second half of round two, reverse cowgirl on this mamba machine and all I can think about is, what is true enlightenment?
Is there a level of enlightenment or does it go on and on and on till we die? I can’t tell. No one really can. All I can say is that I am about to nut and this girl better be ready to bear a child  because I never pour outside…

Mchana mwema. Mumba Chome.


If you want to find the secrets of the world, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibrations.” ~Nikola Tesla, Physicist.

Have you ever woken up in the night and felt like someone’s parked a whole bus on your chest, crushed under the realization that your life is zooming by, and that you are yet to start living in a way that has any real meaning to you? If you have, well this is the piece for your peace. You are only a victim of the rules that you live by. First, you need to work on the things you believe. Because, believe it or not, our beliefs might be the only thing blocking us from achieving whatever we want to achieve. More often than not, the things we have embedded in our minds, only try to show us how short we are and define what we can or cannot become. From the moment we are children, our minds are filled with beliefs, many of which have nothing to do with who we actually are or what is necessarily true. Therefore, most of us are living in an illusion based on other people’s beliefs, beliefs that they impacted on us since we were young.

Most of these beliefs end up being limiting, induce fears and shortcomings in our own minds. The mind is divided into the conscious and subconscious; the conscious that we are capable to control that enables us to figure things out, judge, obsess, analyze and criticize, worry, and the subconscious system (developed since childhood) which we don’t have much control over and which loads most of our outside information including beliefs. The subconscious is like a little child that doesn’t know any better. It holds so much power over us and we don’t even know it. Take an example. Your conscious mind will say. I want to travel and have fun. Your subconscious mind comes up and says, naaah. Travel is expensive and risky. And fun is irresponsible. At the end of the day, unless you say, fuck this, I’m out of here, your passport will remain blank. (lol this only applies to those with passports and travel money, not your broke ass.) Basically the subconscious mind limits the conscious mind. And mostly, every match between your subconscious vs your conscious always ends up like an Manchester vs Arsenal match. Which always mostly ends up a certain way, if you know you know. *sheds tears 😭, being an Arsenal fan*

You have gotten to the place you are at right now by doing the things that you have done. If you are unimpressed by that, you need to switch things up. You’ll need to start doing things out of your comfort zone, tenaciously, do things that would make your friends worried about you or even consider still being your friends. Get clear about what makes you happy, stop imagining that you can’t really have it. Or that you’re a greedy egomaniac for simply wanting what you want. That girl you are afraid to talk to, that’s the one! Cling onto making your life something you deserve and desire, as if your life depends on it. Don’t listen to what Dad or Aunt Wairimu thinks. They lived their lives and it’s only fair that you live yours. You need not reach rock bottom to realize this or to transform. We really need to make a system where everyone feels loved and appreciated and happy and fulfilled so that they don’t take their shit out on themselves, others or on the planet. We also need to sorround ourselves with positive people with radiant energy, self love and self appreciation so that it rubs off on us. And so that we don’t fuck up the next generation into having gnarly beliefs like ‘I don’t deserve this or that’, ‘I am not good enough’ , ‘I can’t live the way I want to live’

Life has endless possibilities. Only if we can control our beliefs. We only need to pick one and make it happen. If it doesn’t work, we move on to the next. We should be as hard at seeking our own thing as Diamond Platnumz is at seeking true love.

In short. Today’s piece is trying to say the following.

  • Your beliefs should be your own. Things that you have encountered, with your own eye, rather than heard with your own ears from someone else.
  • Learn to control your subconscious mind. At times, the subconscious mind is right. But this will only show when it aligns with the conscious. Your conscious mind is just about right about everything.
  • We are all made up of energy. The energy in us, the energy outside and around us. Your physical energy and spiritual energy need to be in tune.
    • To become, we need to let go of things that we were taught when we were young. And find new things that match up to our own lives.

Stay open, or else you are screwed.

Regards, Chome.


It has been a long time since we started. I would like to thank each and every one of you for the support up until this point. 20 articles. Thank you for staying tuned. Thank you for believing in me and for sharing my thoughts with your friends. As we start this new journey, let us hold hands, tighter. Let us discover new ways to make this world a better place to live. Let us share laughs together. Opinions. Together, we can always achieve more. Our imagination is the greatest nation!

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